What's up Greenside?

As my 90 year old father likes to say in regard to making plans, "I don't even buy green bananas." We too find it difficult to make any decisions more than a few days out. We do have this weeks plans made, and they are a little different.

We will open Tuesday evening no later than 5 pm. We may be able to turn the online ordering on earlier, but no promises, we have to get all of our set up done. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will be open from 11 am - 6 pm!

There's even daily specials! Today is Taco Tuesday! Check out online ordering. 

Online Ordering

Online ordering and payments seem to have the bugs worked out. We have a plexiglass shield installed at the cash register. We will find it very difficult not to accept cash payments, but will be helping you move away from that dirty cash in the next week or so. Kind of funny that I have always wanted to get away from all the credit card fees, and now I don't really want to touch anything.