What's up for Wednesday This Week?

Menu for Wednesday - April 1st

We prepped up a few of your favorites and will be offering takeout from 11 am until 6 pm on Wednesday. 

Greenside Wednesday Menu

I think it's safe to plan on Skarsgard being ready by 11, although they showed up a little before then last week, and we will be there much earlier. Cut off to order was 8 am Tuesday. 

We need to sell the shirts off our backs...

...to pay for all the beer I can't pour.  The month of April we will be selling our ultra fashionable Greenside shirts for $20. Each.  Women's shirts come in sleeveless tanks or cute cap sleeve T-shirts. However, size one full size up, as they run small. Because they are a bit small we made for an access of small women's shirts to sell. Men's sizes are true to form, don't ask me, I just designed the logos.

Cya tomorrow.