Updates 3/28/2020

Greenside Offers a Few Fun Resources - 

This will be a long post - get a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in for a bit, it will be worth your while. 

Quite possibly our longest and most faithful customers at the Greenside operate Polk's Folly Farm on Frost. They recently opened a "butcher shop and farm stand" in Cedar Crest in the often failed location just North of Cedar Crest Tire. They are open on Fridays and Saturdays 12 - 6. Their website doesn't list all of their offerings, but their last email listed some great stuff. Allow me to just copy and paste part of what they had to say. 

- "Pork: Green chile sausage, and a limited variety of cuts

- Beef: Ground beef and mixed cut beef packs of 10, 15, and 20 lbs

- Lamb: a variety of cuts and sausage

- Flours: Whole wheat, unbleached, and blue corn

- Honey: Pints, Quarts, Pollen and Honey sticks

- Eggs: Chicken, Duck and Quail

- Greens, herbs, beets, spring onions and garlic, etc. (ask!)

- Chicken: whole, breasts, giblets

- Dairy: Cheese curds, whole milk, yogurt

- Goat: Stew meat and ground

- Quail: 4 packs

- Fats: Lard, leaf lard and tallow

- Pastries: Gluten free goods from Off the Wheaten Path (ask what we have this week!)

- Artisan goods: Jewelry, soap, custom trucker hats, wood carvings and more. Stop by the store to see. "

Polk's Folly Farm

Have you been meaning to start an exercise routine but haven't found the time? Here's two killer resources.

The gym I've been going to the last couple of years rolled out an app they've been working on. My personal experience with these guys has been excellent. The program that they have created reflects the high standards and quality of training I have seen first hand over the last couple of years. The only thing the app doesn't supply is someone to laugh at my jokes or at me as she makes me do things my body wasn't designed to do. 

Elevate PHW

Besides flailing around the gym while my trainer laughs at me, I'm also really terrible at yoga. At my age, I've found that if I don't move my body in ridiculous ways, I can't move at all. Because I like doing yoga by myself when I feel like it, I discovered this app a couple years ago. It is currently FREE because of the current situation on our planet. It is super cool. You can quote me on that. You can chose the music it plays, what style of yoga, how long you want to go. It magically puts together a seamless routine. Like the Elevate app, it also does not laugh at your jokes. 

Down Dog App

Ok, The Greenside Update. 

First off - Rita and her crew at Triangle need some recognition for all they have done and put up with over the last few weeks. They have been having their highest volume days - everyday - for weeks now. Alcohol sales have been two or three times busier than their record days - everyday. Turns out, our dwindling groundwater in New Mexico is slowly but surely becoming booze. I know there are many essential workers who are going above and beyond, but I am singling out Rita today. Be sure and thank her and the crew the next time you are in.


57 boxes of produce last week. That's easily four times greater than any other delivery. The plan for this week is to open up for the pick up, but not start doing Greenside Takeout until later in the afternoon. We will keep the doors open until 6 pm for you to pick up your boxes. I will put our menu up sometime early next week.

Skarsgard Farms

Gift Card sales will help us get re-opened.