Greenside List of Awesome

Greenside List

I know it's fun when I write something clever, but it'll be easier if I just give you a list. Personally, I think lists are super fun. Not quite as fun as a spreadsheet, but a close runner up!

- Tonight - Chicken Artichoke Special. Yes, we are that desperate and brought back the Chicken Artichoke for one day only.

- Clam Chowder is hot, hot, hot!

- There are a few orders of trout left from last night. Eat them up, yum!

- There is one order of tamales left. I'll eat them for dinner if you don't.

- Cinnamon Ice Cream is ready.

- A few hints about next weeks excitement? Ok, Smoked Pork Butt Tacos. Vegetarian Lasagna. Breakfast for Dinner! Take and grill steak maybe?

- Vote on the next ice cream flavor I make.

❤️ cinnamon again

😆 mango sorbet

😲 orange creamsicle 

😡 chocolate 

😢 vanilla 

👍🏼 don't care, just want some ice cream