A Week of Greenside

How's your week looking?

Me? Well, there's some ups and downs, but considering this is the first pandemic I've been through, I'm doing pretty well.

Our system and hours has worked fairly ok the last couple of weeks, so we will repeat it again this week. We are trying to keep our menu pretty stable, but supply chains are always changing. Get in the habit of ordering online.

Tuesday 4pm - 6pm

Wed, Thu, Fri 11am - 6pm

Daily specials in addition to the menu.

Taco Tuesday features chile marinated shrimp tacos with zesty coleslaw, an orange and ancho chile aiolli. Served with beans and rice.

Wednesday finds Peanut Noodles back on the menu.

Thursday - Turquoise Trail Trout

Friday is Smoked Beef Ribs with homemade BBQ sauce

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